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Africa is a unique continent and when you are looking to export stainless steel and other materials into Africa for mines and projects, there are common issues that you need to take into consideration. This is where it is imperative that your supplier has the knowledge and experience in dealing with the logistics required when exporting into Africa.

Here are some of the common issues you might face:

  • Not enough stock in local African markets
  • Long delivery times and delays
  • Time-consuming sourcing from multiple suppliers
  • Difficulties in consolidating a load from multiple suppliers
  • Lack of advice and guidance around the logistics required
  • Difficulty in including any semi-fabrication that might be necessary before despatch

At NDE we have a 65-year professional track record in South Africa and we are a one-stop supplier of stainless steel and other corrosion resistant material for export to Africa. With our depth of stock on hand and our skilled staff, we have become experts in exporting into Africa, offering stock, technical advice and quick response and delivery times to our customers.

We consolidate the load from multiple suppliers and can oversee semi-fabrication if necessary.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and can help guide you to ensure the shortest possible delivery time and solve specific needs for exporting into Africa.

Contact NDE’s Export department today to learn how we can help you:

Karin Eagar   Tel +27 (0)11 472-1659    Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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