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Spray Balls are a crucial and constant component of Cleaning in Process (CIP) in hygienic industries such as dairy, food, beverage and pharmaceutical, to clean the inside of process tanks before the next batch of product.

NDE supplies Spray Balls in grades 304 and 316 stainless steel in various sizes and configurations.

The most frequently used is the Spray Ball with 360° perforation which is stocked in two common sizes,
Nw25 and Nw50, and also available in DN 10,15, 20, 32 and 40.

Spray Balls with 180° upward or downward perforation are also available from NDE.

NDE’s comprehensive range of hygienic stainless steel products in stock includes Tubes, Bends, Tees, Reducers,
Unions (weld on), Tri-clover clamp unions, Actuators and other items.

Technical advice is available, drawn from many years of hands-on experience with hygienic applications. 
Streamlined systems in branches offer fast turnaround for deliveries and collections.

NDE’s Hygienic department also offers the Ultra Hygienic Dockweiler range of products.

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