MESSAGE FROM MIKE CAMPBELL

ManagementAfter serving this company, its amazing people and special customers as Managing Director for 36 years, I have moved into
the role of Chairman where I will continue my involvement with NDE in an advisory role, contributing my years of experience
to the ongoing success of the company and supporting the management of NDE.

I am pleased to confirm Hardy Esterhuizen, presently Deputy MD and Gauteng Manager, as NDE’s new Managing Director 
and James Carmichael as Gauteng Manager.

As I will still be part of the NDE team and leadership, I will be spending time on a regular basis at Head Office, with
occasional visits to the branches. However I will no longer be involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.

This change for the company has been carefully considered to ensure that we, the NDE management, are taking as
much care planning the future of NDE as we do managing the present.  The change for our customers will be minimal
because of the way we have structured the company and services to ensure continuity and stability.

After almost 25 years with the company, Hardy Esterhuizen’s commitment and skills are proven and I have great confidence
in his abilities, as do all the management team and his colleagues.


Management2On 1 June we returned to business 100%. This, combined with NDE’s plans for the future and the start of a new chapter in NDE management, are all reasons for hope and renewed strength.

Thank you for the support, business and friendships during my years as MD.  I look forward to the next phase of this journey.


NDE Chairman